Short-Term Deferral Rule & Section 409A Regulation

  Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code is a set of rules that govern Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans.   It includes rules that detail when the election to defer compensation must be made, but also how and when it is paid to the participant. Nonqualified plans are the bedrock of many companies’ executive compensation… Read more »

Succession Planning In A Family Business

Recently, I attended a speech related to business succession planning in family-owned businesses. The speakers included a panel of three majority shareholders of family-owned businesses, one of which was working on its fourth generation of ownership. There were several excellent ideas and insights shared that I would like to share with you below. Here are… Read more »

Pension Plan Funded Status

An article in CFO Magazine outlines the status of pension plans in Fortune 1000 companies.  By the end of 2015, there was not a change in the pension plan funded status of the U.S. corporate plan sponsors.  According to a new survey, it is hypothesized that most likely a rise in interest rates helped to offset weak global stock markets. The aggregate… Read more »

Compensation Preferences

Article from Lappley & Associates, Ltd. E-Newsletter The study outlined in this article, defines diversity in the workplace and gives insight into compensation incentives that will attract, retain, motivate and engage modern-day employees per their individual preferences.  Professor Dow Scott, a Loyola University Chicago HR Professor, along with other worldwide university faculties led a study that… Read more »

An Unintended Consequence of Mergers and Acquisitions

A 2015 Gallup Poll highlights an unintended consequence of bank mergers and acquisitions: customer loss.  The poll studies the impact of mergers and acquisitions and how they are affected by the concept of customer engagement.  Customer Engagement, as defined by Gallup’s research, is based upon the answer to three key questions. Does the company always… Read more »

Estate Planning is Changing as a Result of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Sataya Froemming- Client Service for Estate Markets With the enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, balancing income and estate tax planning has become a focus of clients wanting to minimize overall tax exposure. Due to the flexibility that life insurance can present, it offers important aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked when creating… Read more »

BOLI/ COLI Case Study: Supports Continued Operations and Cash Need

Background: Prior to September 11, 2001, the airline industry went into a deep recession and many airlines were struggling. Cash flow was king and retaining key executives was paramount. This company implemented a nonqualified voluntary deferral plan to rectify the low government limits placed on 401k annual contributions. The participation was good as executives desired… Read more »